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Johnny Dowell (better known as King Nerd) is a UK-based engraver who specializes in Speedmasters. The dial looks just like any other Reduced with its bright yellow dial. But when you turn it around and remove the dial, it transforms into something truly special. Snoopy is racing in an F1 with Michael Schumacher's seven-digit number through the giant Omega logo on the caseback. The details don't stop there, as the folding clasp also features Snoopy-as-Schumacher, holding aloft the Formula 1 Championship trophy.

I spoke with King Nerd recently on a podcast that I co-host, called OT:The Podcast. I thought the Sinn Replica Reduced unique story would be a great fit for Speedy Tuesday.

King Nerd's customized Sinn Replica Reduced

Purchase a Yellow Speedmaster at a Reduced Price

Tell us about your unique Snoopy Speedmaster Reduced?

"I always enjoyed going to George's office, The Hive. There are toys everywhere. One day, I'm sure he will press a button to bring out an Aston Martin DB5 from under the desk or somewhere. I would be working and I'd think I wanted one of these watches. At the time, my salary was decent, but I couldn't afford a watch, as I had just had my first I needed to spend money on other things. So, I thought to myself "I have to do something different than George" and decided to engrave a piece. When I saw Snoopy's Omega connection, I knew I had to do something Snoopy. But I wanted a unique one. Then I saw the Schumacher version and I immediately knew that I wanted to link Snoopy, Omega, and Schumacher. I chose the yellow version because it's my favourite colour. "It's bright and I don't wear red.

The dial's bright yellow color attracted King Nerd

What was your first thought?

"I got the watch and it was funny. I didn’t look at the watch’s size, so I thought when I got it, ‘has this shrunk’.Richard Mille Replica Watches I didn’t realise it was a Reduced model. I was quite surprised because I have small wrists, and it fit perfectly. I was surprised when I saw the back of the watch. It had the seahorse, among other things. "I started contacting people via Instagram to try and find a blank back case, but everyone told me that it would be difficult to find one, so I'd have to order one."

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