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On the caseback of the Tudor Replica Reduced, the Seahorse Logo is featured.

The engraving shows Snoopy driving a F1 car as Michael Schumacher

What did you do today?

"I asked the people at Purdey, where Johnny worked, to remove everything from the back so that I could have a blank canvas.Swiss Replica Watches Everyone was concerned about the size of the operation. We measured it using micrometres and ground it by hand. When we were close to finishing, I said, "Stop, I will polish it and you won't even notice any left-over."

It's interesting that I was so close when I inlaid gold seven. You can see that the metal is raised slightly where I am about to go through the caseback when you remove it. I didn't think about the fact that they would grind it down and then I would have to remove more metal to inlay 24-karat-gold.

"I remember thinking that felt really thin and I stopped, knowing I would go through. But fortunately I had enough."

How does it wear over time?

"It's great, actually. Stainless steel is an awful metal to engrave. But I can see why they make watch cases from it.Zenith Replica Watches They can be beaten to death and still survive. "There's nothing that a polish or brush can't fix."

Visit Kingnerd Instagram to see more of Johnny's works. Click here to listen to the complete interview on OT The Podcast.

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